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Horticulturist Workshop

March 23, 2023 1 min read

Horticulturist Workshop

A place to create, share and learn

Open every evening 4pm onwards*


Free Wifi is available.
Please check on-site info for password.


Drinks and snacks are free. Please help yourselves!


Hardscape materials (wood, rocks etc.) in the workshop area and on open shelves in the entrance and gallery filming area (look for the 'For Horticulturist Use' sign- are available and free for use on Horticulturist Program projects. Items in closed cabinets are not for use, unless clearly specified.


As this is a shared resource, please check with the Team Leader before using plants. 


Workshop access is meant for Horticulturist Team members. Please invite friends and family during Campfires, when the gallery is open to the public.


Note the location of the Fire Extinguisher in the Workshop.
Note the location of the First Aid Kit in the Workshop.

Always exercise caution when handling hardscape / tanks- they can be sharp and may be heavy. Use gloves when handling sharp rocks and items.

No Personal Mobility Device is allowed.
No smoking is allowed. 


The Storeroom and Laboratory / Office are out-of bounds. 


Please leave the area neater, not messier!


Please coordinate with the Team Leader for access.
The workshop is open daily from 4pm to 4am.