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The 2HR Inspirations Project

January 14, 2023 1 min read

The 2HR Inspirations Project

Already practising the 2Hr Way?
Let us work with you to bring your craft to the next level.

Use our workshop (ready Feb 2023) to create a vibrant aquascape.
We will provide the tank, equipment, materials and guidance.
You bring a team (a minimum of 2 persons) and a compelling idea.
Your 2Hr Inspiration will be showcased to the global 2Hr Aquarist community and will be exhibited 'live' at the quarterly Campfire.
Inspire other hobbyists and share your craft.

Upcoming Feature:
June 2023 (tank must be ready by 1 Jun 2023)

The focus of the 2Hr Tank must be colour / plants / horticultural skills. Hardscape can be used, but is of secondary importance. Tank setup must take into consideration ease of emulation by other hobbyists.