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2Hr Aquarist APT Estimative Index

With the 2HR Aquarist APT-EI, the famous nutrient dosing approach pioneered by Tom Barr is now available in a ready-to-use concentrate that removes the guesswork from trying to recreate this powerful and sometimes elusive formula.

An overview of the EI methodology can be found here.

Dose 5ml per 100L 3 times per week or 2ml per 100L daily.
FAQ here.
Temporarily unavailable in Canada.


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    Mohammed B.
    United States United States
    Plant Power Juice In a Bottle

    This product has worked extremely well for me. All my plants are very vibrant in color and have been growing like crazy. All my greens pop out as well as my reds. The one thing that you should know is there is no pump attachment available in the US, so you will need to purchase something on Amazon, but Don (2Hr Aquarist Team member) has told me they are working on something as well as the costumer service is like no other, there is so much information on there blogs and they want you to succeed and help you out when you need it. 10/10 for the whole 2Hr Aquarist product and team. Definitely recommend for anyone who’s thinking about this.

    David A.
    United States United States
    Working like a charm

    Easy to use, and my plants are loving it. My only wish is if there were a pump attachment.

    The 2Hr Aquarist 2Hr Aquarist APT Estimative Index Review
    WIROJ S.
    Thailand Thailand
    The best result for farm tanks

    The plants look healthy and Fast growth No livestock lose Suitable with dutchstyle and Farm tank.

    Philippines Philippines
    Best fertilizer i have used so far

    My 3rd time to review this. Best ferts i’ve used so far!!!

    The 2Hr Aquarist 2Hr Aquarist APT Estimative Index Review
    Paul H.
    United States United States
    Excellent for carpet growth

    I’ve had excellent luck growing my mini hair grass carpet with this fertilizer. I have a high energy system (60 PAR, 30 ppm CO2, 7.5 ppm O2) so I have been dosing 5x the recommended amount of fertilizer daily to ensure there are no nutrient deficiencies in the tank (and to stop any feast/famine cycle). I combine this with a 50% weekly water change. All of these steps follow George Farmer’s recommendations for a high plant growth with the EI method.

    The 2Hr Aquarist 2Hr Aquarist APT Estimative Index Review

    Above: a fast-growing 'farm tank' using APT Complete.

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    Above: a slower-growing non CO2 tank using APT Zero. 


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