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2Hr Aquarist APT Zero

Tackle the most demanding plants, or just enjoy everyday magic in new tanks with aquasoil, and aquariums with more fish. The easiest way to unlock the true potential of your planted tank today.

The 2Hr Aquarist All-In-One Fertilizer.
Richer Colors, Less Algae. Better Results.
FAQ Here.

Dose 5ml per 100L four times a week or 3ml per 100L daily. 


200ml lasts ~3mths for an 18 Gal / 70L tank.


500ml lasts ~3mths for a 50 Gal / 190L tank.


1000ml lasts ~3mths for a 100 Gal / 380L tank.


Our signature Standard Pack comes with a calibrated pump.
300ml. Lasts ~3mths for a 30 Gal / 115L tank.



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    Khek W.
    Australia Australia
    It works

    Seen improved growth on the anubias since using APT Zero on the low tech, low light tank. Have to adjust the dosing to about half and 50% water change weekly to slow down algae growth whilst waiting for the tank to rebalance.

    Mike A.
    United States United States
    APT-C to APT-Zero

    Transitioned to APT-Zero as I’m getting wayy too much growth & could barely keep up w the APT-C regimen! Which is a good problem to have— no complaining, just need it tamed down a little. By calc, APT-Zero/Lean Dosing should be the way to go after a tank matures.

    J P.
    United States United States
    Amazing results right away

    This product is a dream. I’ve went through numerous liquid ferts, only to gain algae problems after use. Some actually contained trace amounts of liquid carbon that ended up throwing the balance of my tank off and cause algae to become abundant. Of course it is imperative to know what your tank needs; my tank is cryptocoryne dominant, but still needed some fertilizers to perk up the growth. I still dose following the instructions on the bottle, but only about 50-60% of the dosage for my tank ( 9.3 gallon tank, I dose 1 ML every other day ) and just based off the week of use, you can already see the results. The first picture is growth that was being hindered by algae and is small and crumpled. The second shows new growth, very strong and red coloration already. The third shows the lone bucephalandra I have with red and a much larger leaf (and still growing) than the others. This will definitely be my go to liquid fert for this tank, I finally found the perfect solution!

    The 2Hr Aquarist 2Hr Aquarist APT Zero ReviewThe 2Hr Aquarist 2Hr Aquarist APT Zero ReviewThe 2Hr Aquarist 2Hr Aquarist APT Zero Review
    Susi S.
    United States United States
    Finally! A quality fert for fancy goldfish keepers!

    Among other tropical fish planted tanks, I also keep large imported fancy goldfish in 600g Pentair fiberglass tanks. Maintaining very low nitrate levels is an obsession with these delicate fish and I can FINALLY fertilize their plants without worry. I'm recommending it in all my fancy goldfish circles and those who have purchased are seeing an improvement in their plant health, growth, and water quality. Thank you SO much for this product!!

    The 2Hr Aquarist 2Hr Aquarist APT Zero Review
    Ling K.
    Malaysia Malaysia
    The right fertelizer

    After using APT Zero , im able to enjoy the right coloration of my plant and healthy growth of them in my tank . Nothing will go wrong with using this product .

    The 2Hr Aquarist 2Hr Aquarist APT Zero Review


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