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2Hr Aquarist APT 1

Artful Intelligence.

Compared to conventional fertilisers (largely developed pre-2000s for 'fish tanks' with simpler / hardy plants):
3X more concentrated for demanding species*
2X more potassium for richer colours^

Dose 3ml per 100L daily.


200ml lasts ~3mths for an 18 Gal / 70L tank. Pump not included. Out of stock in US.


500ml lasts ~3mths for a 50 Gal / 190L tank. Pump not included.


1000ml lasts ~3mths for a 100 Gal / 380L tank. Pump not included. 


Our Standard 300ml Pack comes with a calibrated pump. 1ml per press.
Lasts ~3mths for a 30 Gal / 115L tank.


Our Starter 100ml Pack comes with a calibrated dosing dropper.
Lasts ~3mths for an 8 Gal / 30L tank. Available in Europe soon.


*in terms of total soluble elemental fertiliser per ml.
^in terms of the amount of potassium per ml.

APT 1 replicates APT 3's winning formula without nitrates and phosphates. This gives maximum algae control for new tanks (we recommend all tanks to start with APT 1 for the first 1-3 months), and optimal long term performance for tanks with more fish. This is because fish food and waste already supply phosphates and nitrates.
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APT 1 / Zero
Liquid inorganic macronutrient fertiliser
NPK (Mg) fertiliser with micronutrients and trace amounts of Boron (B), Copper (Cu), Manganese (Mn), Molybdenum (Mo) and Zinc (Zn).
0-0-7 (+1.4)

7% Total Potassium oxide (K2O)
1.4% Magnesium oxide (MgO)
0.09% Total Iron chelated by EDTA, DTPA and EDDHA.
All nutrients are completely water soluble.

Ingredients: Potassium sulphate (CMC1 CAS n°7778-80-5) Potassium chloride (CMC1 CAS n°7447-40-7)Magnesium sulphate (CMC1 CAS n°7487-88-9)


Artful Intelligence

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