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Our Story

Gardens By the Bay Singapore

 We probably started as the industry's most reluctant business. A small group of passionate tinkerers and experimenters linked by the internet across 3 continents who were dissatisfied with the available options on the market.

"APT" shorthand for 'Advanced Planted Tank' started as a website to share findings and connect with like-minded aquarists. We made small batches of custom-blends for our own use. Requests from friends for these custom-blends quickly grew larger than we imagined, and The 2Hr Aquarist as a company was born in 2019.

It is headquartered in Singapore, one of the world's largest trading hubs of aquatic plants from Indo-China / Southeast Asia. We leverage Singapore’s unparalleled infrastructure for research and quality manufacturing.


Better Everyday

We are closely connected to the pulse of the global planted community, and constantly improving. If the finer details of our products or instructions seem different from the last time you encountered them, it is because we are not standing still.


While we are a young company, our diverse team has over 20 years of combined experience in product development, international sales and distribution, marketing and branding, drawn from stints across Fortune 500 MNCs. We pride ourselves in thinking big, acting small and moving fast.

Grow Together

We believe in growth through sharing and collaboration. That is why we operate the world’s most comprehensive resource on the planted aquarium, which started even before we launched our first product. We continue to develop this free resource.