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Dealer Direct is available in Singapore, the continental US and Canada, within the standard reach of our Singapore, US and Canada warehouses.

If you focus on online e-commerce, please note that we have a strict Minimum Advertised Price Policy. Dealer Direct is not an avenue to flow high volumes of discounted products into the market. Joining criteria is more stringent for online-only retailers.

New to APT? For your first order, buy US$400 and receive US$400 (retail value) worth of free products (based on US retail prices).

How does this work?

  1. After your account is approved, place your first order of at least US$400.
  2. An additional US$400 (retail value) worth of products will be automatically added.
  3. Shipping charges will be calculated and automatically added at checkout. Similarly, an equivalent amount of free products (retail value) will be added to defray shipping cost. This is separate (and in addition to) the US$400 worth of products.

It is simple. For every cumulative purchase of US$2500 within 12 months, receive US$500 (in retail value) worth of free products.

Our online ordering dashboard holds your purchase history, so it is easy to keep track.

The Growth Reward products will be added to the order that meets the $2500 target. So if you have already purchased $$1800 and place a new $700 order within 12 months, the free products will be added to the order and shipped together.

We cover your shipping cost by automatically adding Free Products (retail value) equal or above the shipping charges of each order.

For example, if shipping charges = US$30, a set of free products worth >US$30 (retail value) will be automatically added to the order.

Applicable to Singapore and most places within continental US and Canada.

We have a Minimum Advertised Price policy that applies to all retailers. Pricing is routinely monitored and updated. The general guidelines can be found here, while the specific current MAP for you country will be made available to you upon registration.

Our philosophy is to support long term healthy margins for all partners.

Ordering is easy! After you create an account, you can log in anytime to place your order. You can view the shipping lead time after you enter your address at checkout (usually 7- 9 working days for US, Canada, UK and the EU; next-day for Singapore).

For US and Canada, pricing and payment in USD.

For Singapore, pricing and payment in SGD.

We have clear a Minimum Advertised Price (MAP)policy for all Dealer Direct territories.

MAP excludes tax. So, displayed tax inclusive pricing = MAP+ Tax.

As a guide, MAP is generally identical or slightly lower than the prices listed on this website.

The standard Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) per order is US$250. However we can accommodate exceptions- e.g. you need to replenish a smaller quantity of items urgently etc.

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