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A100 Lobelia '21

February 28, 2023 2 min read

A100 Lobelia '21

The picture features a tank that is around 15 months old (as of early Mar 2023), with no change in substrate. This tank showcases the use of APT Jazz to continually rejuvenate substrate over long periods.


1- Ludwigia arcuata, 2- Rotala 'blood red' SG, 3- Myriophyllum mattogrossense 'Golden', 4- Hygrophila araguia, 5- Eleocharis parvula 'dwarf hair grass', 6- Lobelia cardinalis


TANK SIZE: 60x30x30cm / 50L

CO2 DIFFUSER: Inline atomizer

LIGHT: LEDs tested to be suitable based on the basis of light strength (PAR) and spectrum: ADA Solar RGB / Chihiros WRGB / Twinstar S Series / Week Aqua A430. Important: Quality, safety, reliability and ease-of-use varies considerably across the above brands. We have the privilege of using / testing many 3rd party brands but this does not constitute an endorsement of any particular brand. 

FILTER: The tank uses an Oase Biomaster 350 (1000L/hr rated filter with actual average water flow rate of ~300L/Hr)- 6X tank volume. 


Aquasoil with APT Start
APT Jazz: 18 caps every 2 months
APT 1: 1.5ml daily

What is APT Start?

APT Start provides substrate enrichment with beneficial bacteria. This product his now available.

What is standard aquasoil?

This include most brands of aquasoil (compressed soil granules). Brands that we typically use include ADA, Dennerle, Tropica, Platinum etc. This is distinct from inert substrates (sand, rocks) and branded enriched inert substrates. For a detailed article on substrate types, read here.


CO2: 20ppm
KH: 0.5
pH: 6.0
GH: 2
TDS: 90
Temp: 24.6 Celsius

The measurements shown are average readings. It is possible for some parameters to deviate from the above and still be OK. 


The A100 System

The 2Hr Aquarist A100 is a tank setup and lifecycle management that integrates hardware, software, water parameters and plant husbandry to enable thriving, enduring aquascapes. An online course on this system (and others) will be available soon. 


I'm a beginner- is this A100 for me?

The 100 Lobelia uses easy plants and moderate lighting (~100 umols of PAR at substrate). With a selection of hardy stem plants, this setup is relatively easy to maintain.

I'm interested to find out more / learn!

We are in the process of developing online courses for different tank systems. Look out for them. In the meantime, feel free to explore the wealth of resources already available on this site. 

Above: The A100 'Lobelia' above in Nov'22, with a slightly different set of plants. The aquasoil has not been changed since setup, but repeatedly rejuvenated with APT Jazz every ~2 months.