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Horticulturists: Mar 2023 Intake

December 01, 2022 1 min read

Horticulturists: Mar 2023 Intake

March 2023 Intake is OPEN

The 2Hr Aquarist Horticulturist Program
trains talented individuals to understand aquarium systems and to implement their skills at a professional level after they become Certified Horticulturists.

You must be based in Singapore.

Certified Horticulturists are deployed to diagnose, maintain and service aquariums at client sites. It involves a part time contract for service with 2Hr Aquarist Pte Ltd. (starting from $15/hr) Deployment timings and frequency are highly flexible. A typical deployment might be 2 hours, in a 2-person team, at a retail site, to service a display aquarium.

The Horticulturist Program involves:
1x Theory Course
1x 2Hr Way Training Program
1x Practical Exam


  • Gain professional work experience and get paid for it.
  • Engage in product testing (and enjoy a free supply).
  • Develop marketing and sales skills.
  • Fun projects with the 2Hr Aquarist community.
  • Develop marketable horticultural and aquarium science skills.

Horticulturist Training Program:

  • Aquarium systems infrastructure
  • Tank stages and lifecycle
  • Water parameters analysis
  • Plant species knowledge
  • Growth management- plant species
  • Algae types and methods
  • Lighting- tuning and measurement
  • CO2 tuning
  • Substrate enrichment- method and process
  • Flow systems tuning

Candidates are required to pass and demonstrate suitable skill and commitment to become a Certified Horticulturist. Certification is confirmed after 3 deployments, based on feedback and performance.


Involves 4 x 2.5hrs training dates*:

7.30-10pm on a Weekday

This program is only for those interested and able to commit to paid deployments.

Please register here.

* Actual dates to be confirmed in mid February 2023.