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2Hr Aquarist APT Complete

Tackle the most demanding plants, or just enjoy everyday magic in the simplest tank. The easiest way to unlock the true potential of your planted tank today. 

The 2Hr Aquarist All-In-One Fertiliser.
Richer Colors, Less Algae. Faster Results.
FAQ Here.

Dose 5ml per 100L four times a week or 3ml per 100L daily.


200ml lasts ~3mths for an 18 Gal / 70L tank. NO PUMP


500ml lasts ~3mths for a 50 Gal / 190L tank. NO PUMP


1000ml lasts ~3mths for a 100 Gal / 380L tank. NO PUMP


Our signature Standard Pack comes with a calibrated pump.
300ml. Lasts ~3mths for a 30 Gal / 115L tank.


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    Marcin M.
    Poland Poland

    Smooth transition

    Well, firts of all I was a little worry about switching ferts (before APT I was using other brand with separate elements). Decided to try APT because of three main reasons: 1) Wanted decent "all in one" because of getting tired dosing separately every element. 2) APT has greater amount of phosphate than other brands I considered (my aquarium loves P). 3) Producer dosage is real, efficient dosage. Transition went great. My plants seems to be more happy with APT :) Thank you for great product!

    The 2Hr Aquarist 2Hr Aquarist APT Complete Review
    Eugene L.
    Singapore Singapore

    Comprehensive fertiliser

    Really effective and simple to use!

    The 2Hr Aquarist 2Hr Aquarist APT Complete Review
    Alexius T.
    Singapore Singapore


    As always the best fertilizers. Would love a bigger bottle size too!

    Spain Spain

    Very effective and useful for plants.

    Tired of using NPK addition once change water or add expesive products for that, H2r seems to be my best choice. Plants have grown a lot, with no algae. So I should recommend it. At least check, if you're not convinced to change your system, once. Your trial is worth.

    Sam S.
    United States United States


    I've tried other fertilizers without much success, however, since I've changed over to APT complete it's been an amazing change for my plants. Within a few weeks I've noticed a difference with the growth and color of my plants. This is my only fertilizer I will use, and I have been recommending it to friends and family members who have planted tanks. Thank again for this wonderful product.


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