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Oase Biomaster 300 Dissection

October 01, 2022 2 min read

Oase Biomaster 300 Dissection

The Oase Biomaster series meets all the criteria in our filter buying checklist:

  • Heater compartment (one less item in the tank)
  • Quick release taps (disconnect hoses from filter easily)
  • Removable pre-filter (allows servicing of filter without taking it apart)
  • Silent, strong flow
  • Priming mechanism (easy to start flow into filter during setup)
  • Quality materials

Biggest Advantage

The biggest difference between this filter and other models on the market is that it has a pre-filter compartment that can be removed without taking the rest of the filter apart. As planted tanks produce a lot of debris, it makes filter maintenance much easier to be able to clear the pre-filter regularly without actually take the rest of the filter apart. Convenience encourages good maintenance habits, and clearing away organic waste regularly directly impacts algae presence in the tank.

*Pre-filter compartment can only be removed when right side quick release taps are locked, stopping water flow from tank.

Oase Biomaster pre-filter

 The pre-filter construct:

Ose Biomaster pre-filterOase Biomaster Pre-filter interior

Quick Release & Priming

It has a quick release lever that locks off flow of water and allows separation of the hoses and filter to allow easy removal of the filter without mess of water spilling. Some other brands sell quick release taps separately at increased cost, but this feature here comes inbuilt.

Oase Biomaster Quick Release

On top of the pre-filter sits the priming button. Pushing this down when the filter is fully setup (with the inlets and outlets inside the tank) draws water down from the tank into the filter. This allows starting up the filter easily without sucking on hoses to start the water flowing.

Filter Media

The Oase Biomaster filter comes with a good mix of Bio-media, coarse filter foam and fine filter foam. The filter media is easily changed to your personalized choices.

Oase Biomaster filter elements

Overall a product that we would recommend.

Oase Biomaster 300


Best for a planted tank?

Even a good sized tank such as an ADA120p (120cm x 45 x 45; 240Litres/65gallons~) below can be powered by a single filter alone if the flow rate of the filter is good. We find it more elegant to not require usage of supplementary pumps. We use a single Oase BioMaster 600 filter on this tank. We think that this filter model is particularly suited for planted tanks as it has a separate pre-filter chamber than can be removed and serviced easily without taking the whole filter apart. The pre-filter chamber captures most of the plant debris - which is what clogs filters in a planted tank. Being able to remove plant debris regularly reduces organic waste levels in the tank; directly resulting in better water quality, and less algae issues.

Dennis Wong 120p