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Small tanks can be impactful too

September 28, 2022 1 min read

Small tanks can be impactful too

A simple 9 gallon tank above. The tank makes use of finely textured stem plants (Ludwigia arcuata, hemianthus glomeratus) and mosses which maintain a sense of scale even in a smaller tank.

The filter inflows & outlets are hidden behind the stone on the left to give the landscape a clean finish (you can see the piping at the top left of the tank).

​A mixture of having a rimless tank, sleek light fixture, and planned hidden filter inflow/outflow allows one to have a photography-standard presentation of the tank at all times.

Cory Hopkins 10 Gal

A 10 gallon aquarium tank by Cory Hopkins. You don't need a big planted tank to make a big impact. Often, concentrating efforts and funds into a small space makes better setups. A smaller planted aquarium also encourages experimentation and learning as the cost of failure is low.

Jeff Miotke

A planted tank that is only 7 gallons (18"x11"x7.5") expertly scaped by Jeff Miotke. A testament that focused effort in a small setup can produce great results. Read his full journal and see his progression pics here.