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Tom Barr 1 | Dutch Style

October 08, 2019 1 min read

Tom Barr 1 | Dutch Style

Tom barr is well known for growing impressively richly colored plant species in his 120 gallon "hybrid Dutch' style tank. Its called a hybrid Dutch tank because it uses some principle of Dutch aquascaping arrangement such as having colorful streets of plants arranged in a manner to show contrast between colors, shapes and textures of different plants. However, it breaks certain rules that prevent it from being qualified in true Dutch aquascaping competitions; such as having wood/hardscape as a key structural point and exposed/bare sidewalls/backwall.

Such tanks take a lot of horticulture skill to maintain in good form - knowing when to trim and replant, and which plants work well in which positions in the tank. This tank style is for the true plant enthusiast as the focus is on growing out plants to good form.