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Industry Partnership Program

 Who are Industry Partners?

Industry Partners ("IPs") are firms that are either (a) outside the traditional aquarium retail trade, or (b) operate aquarium stores with distinctive showcase capabilities and /or audience-reach. 

(a) Examples include architectural firms, interior design companies, talented individual artists, and companies in adjacent industries such as terrestrial plants, nurseries, hardscape, ponds, water-features, landscaping etc.

(b) Examples include aquarium shops with distinctive galleries, and/or influence within the industry.

What is the IP Program?

The IP program involves a collaboration between the 2HR Aquarist HQ (Singapore), the Industry Partner, and our Local Distributor. "Grow Together" is our motto.

  • 2Hr Aquarist HQ (Singapore) is able to provide APT products per its Dealer Direct Program to the Industry Partner and may collaborate with the Industry Partner on marketing programs.
  • Industry Partner gains direct access to the 2Hr Aquarist HQ team, and may set up aquariums and displays based on the 2Hr methodology and products.
  • Local Distributor benefits from the the expanded consumer-pull that results from the above partnership, and may participate in related marketing programs.

Industry Partner benefits

  • Access to Dealer Direct Program.
  • Marketing Boost. Through collaborative marketing efforts with 2Hr Aquarist HQ.
  • Accelerated take-off. Industry Partners not already in the aquarium trade will enjoy an accelerated take-off by leveraging our knowledge of aquarium systems and the market. Save time and money on equipment choices, material sourcing etc.

Local Distributor benefits

  • Additional revenue. IPs that are outside the aquarium trade may require other equipment and products beyond APT. By being part of the IP program, the local distributor benefits from being the preferred source of these items.
  • Brand Awareness. We work with IPs mainly because we believe that they help expand APT's brand awareness beyond traditional circles. Growth in brand awareness can help create more demand pull for APT.
  • Reduced Competition. By working with these IPs to use APT instead of competing brands, our distributors benefit from wider usage of APT in lieu of other brands. This often helps to 'pull' increased APT demand.

How does it work?

  • 2Hr Aquarist HQ communicates directly with its Industry Partners with regards to planted aquarium systems. We offer our expertise in tank setups, equipment choice and sourcing, material choice / sourcing, maintenance systems and aquarium science.
  • 2Hr Aquarist HQ offers its Industry Partners access to its Dealer Direct Program for APT products. 
  • 2Hr Aquarist HQ may ship APT products directly to its Industry Partners, or work with its local distributors to supply APT.