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Can I use APT START with an inert substrate (sand, gravel etc.) ?

Yes you can. APT START will enrich inert substrate. However it does not make an inert substrate equivalent in performance to aquasoil.

What is inside APT START?

APT START contains a rich blend of essential macro and micro nutrients, organic humus and enzymes that enhance bacteria and microbial activity. It improves the cation exchange capacity of substrate and nutrient availability to plant root zones.

What is in the Blue Sachet?

The blue sachet included in APT Start contains a concoction of beneficial bacteria strains in a dormant state that activate when wet.

If I use APT START, when do I use APT JAZZ?

You can add APT Jazz after ~ 3 months.

APT Start enriches the substrate with ammoniacal nitrogen and a wide spectrum of essential nutrients and trace elements based on APT's Capstone formula. These nutrients are naturally consumed after ~ 3 months.

With APT START, can I still add other solid or bacteria products?

Yes. However please note that bacterial interactions are complex and 'more' does not necessarily lead to faster or more complete cycling.

For a smaller tank, should I use part of the pouch?

Each APT START pouch caters to ~60x30cm area ( size of a 2 foot tank).
If your tank is smaller, you can use the substrate contents proportionately. However, the blue sachet should be used all at once. 

How much substrate should be on top?

We recommend at least 1.5" (~ 4cm) of substrate. 

Can I add fish immediately?

Adding fish immediately to an uncycled tank is never advisable.
You can add APT Pure as an instantaneous tool to make water safe for fish as it detoxifies Ammonia, nitrites and any heavy metals in tap water.
However we recommend adding fish only after the tank has been properly cycled.


Use within 1 year of opening.