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above: a variant of Rotala rotundifolia grown The 2Hr Way using APT3. 


Thanks to your incredible support, we have been growing, and are in the midst of quietly launching our new look. Our new logo features a circular emblem- think 'Poseidon with an aquarium tank' . Our new bottles are red. The colour reflects the richer colours, especially red tones- that APT helps to unlock. We are also working on a series of exciting new content and products.

Red vs White: how have the contents changed?

Very little. There is a big change in the look, but just a tiny adjustment in the formula. We continue to use both the existing and new formula in our 2Hr Tanks. While the new red bottle does not state the amount of magnesium, it is there all right (just grouped under Trace elements).

For those who want the details, this is how each 5ml/100L dose of APT Complete differs in terms of the nutrients provided per dose in parts per million (ppm). There are also slight adjustments in the trace elements.

N P K Traces
Existing 1.5ppm 0.7ppm 4ppm  proprietary
New (Red) 1.8ppm 0.7ppm 3.8ppm proprietary+

Which variant will I receive if I buy online?

We are rolling out the new bottles sequentially across different regions. The first location to switch to the new variant is Singapore, and others will follow in the coming months.

Why the change in names?

After some feedback, we decided that a simplified numerical system would be easier for people to remember. 

What does APT mean?

APT came about as an acronym for Advanced Planted Tank, which was the original name of our website. We have since simplified our website domain to align with the brand The 2Hr Aquarist. 

Thoughts, feedback or info?

We would love to hear from you. Just use the form below!   

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