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2Hr Aquarist APT Fix

The smarter way to treat algae.
Especially effective for BBA, hair/string/fuzz and most forms of filamentous algae.
Gently biodegrades completely.

Spot-dose up to 1ml per 10L every 24 hours.


Out of stock in U.S.


Our signature Standard Pack comes with a calibrated spot-dosing pipette.
300ml. Out of stock in U.S.



Above: single spot-dose of APT Fix. By Day 2, inactive BBA usually changes color to red and/or white. By Day 7, the leaf is now mostly free of algae.

Above: single spot-dosage of APT Fix via the drain-dose method. By Day 2, hair-algae has lost some color. By Day 5, all the hair algae has been deactivated.

How to control brown algae (diatoms)

How to control brown algae (diatoms)

June 21, 2022 3 min read

Diatoms, also known as brown algae, appear as brown patches on plants. Brown algae is common in new setups for the first couple of weeks. Often, brown algae or diatoms can go away without much intervention as the tank matures. Read on to find out how to remove brown algae or diatoms from planted tank.
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Solving algae issues without using algicides

Solving algae issues without using algicides

June 18, 2022 9 min read

Old growth on stressed plants attract algae. New growth on healthy plants are algae resistant. In tanks going through a period of transition stress, it is important to make space for new growth by clearing out the old.
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Algae 101: what actually triggers algae in a planted tank

Algae 101: what actually triggers algae in a planted tank

June 13, 2022 5 min read

What actually triggers algae in a planted aquarium? How do we avoid these triggers? This article examines all these and more.
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This is a picture of black beard algae on plants in freshwater aquarium

How to get rid of Black Beard Algae (BBA)

June 10, 2022 4 min read

This is a detailed guide on causes of BBA in planted aquariums and how to get rid of black beard algae. While dosing APT Fix works to kill off BBA but it does not address the root causes. Read on to find out how to keep your planted tanks clear of black beard algae (BBA).
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    Sirena B.
    United States United States

    Actually works

    I tried hydrogen peroxide, bleaching decorations, and reducing lighting to get rid of the dreaded black beard algae (bba). Nothing worked, until I used APT fix! This product really does work. I spot dosed with the filter off. I allowed it to sit approximately 30 minutes, then I performed a water changed. For the next week, I spot dosed areas of the tank, every other day. The bba turned a red or white when it was dead, this allowed my to see areas that had not been spot dosed. I also diligently removed any dead or severely algae infested leaves. It even worked on the green algae that was growing in my sand pond in the tank. I always keep a bottle handy, in case I see new areas of bba showing up.

    The 2Hr Aquarist 2Hr Aquarist APT Fix ReviewThe 2Hr Aquarist 2Hr Aquarist APT Fix Review
    Malaysia Malaysia

    The only effective Algae Treament i found so far

    I started my aquascaping since 2005, with years of experience, i never worry about algae, until around 5 years ago i met one type of filamentous algae - Spirilla like. It almost ruined my hobby. I put this algae to many small clear transparent glass, each treated with difference brand of algae treatments in very high dosage to see which brand is effective . Only 2Hr Aquarist APT Fix is working. With all other brands (include the famous Seachem Excel) , this algae is still growing under sunlight. Dumb up for APT For this super algae, i find 1x-2x only effectively control its growth, it took 5x overdose to eliminate this particular type of algae, and require few more treatment every few days (though you can reduce the dosage). Take note that for this high dosage it will **** your fish, for any overdose treatment, remember to put Air stone for your fish, for 3x overdose treatment and above, please move out your fish first.

    Derek K.
    United States United States

    Best Fix

    This product is the ONLY product that has successfully and safely cut back my algae as a quick fix. I will say pay close attention because it's not wrong when it says melting Vals and Sags. I'm very impressed. And no fish even slightly bothered.

    United States United States


    I recently added a bunch of new plants to an established tank and when they melted it caused algae havoc. I was skeptical but this stuff easily and quickly took care of the blackbeard algae exactly as advertised. Anubias leaves look like new after treatment. Luckily I had it on hand already when I also noticed the start of a blue green algae slick on my glass and substrate. One dose cleaned that up in one night. I’ve spot dosed this maybe 10 times over a few week period in a 20 gallon tank with no ill effects. Fish, amano shrimp and nerite snail are all fine, and my sanity is restored. Thanks for an awesome product. Note to buyers - they send this with a plastic pipette so don’t bother buying one (or 50 from Amazon) ahead of time.

    Daniele P.
    Italy Italy


    excellent product to solve small problems ... the only thing a bit disappointing is the excessive amount of product that is needed in 120 liter tanks ... so better to use it in small tanks

    The 2Hr Aquarist 2Hr Aquarist APT Fix Review

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