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SG Retail

SG Retail Policy

Updated 15 September 2022

This policy applies to Price Promotions (PP) online.

A PP is where a price discount is crafted by the retailer and offered online- whether on a 3rd party platform like Shopee, or on the retailer's own website or social media page. It can be direct (where a product is marked as having X% discount) or indirect (creative bundling, or other incentives). Both direct and indirect Price Promotions are still considered Price Promotions if the principle incentive offered to the consumer is a reduced / discounted pricing from the Recommended Retail Price (RRP).

Ad Hoc Price Promotions (AHPPs)

  1. Ad Hoc Price Promotions (AHPPs) are permitted. The key point here is that occasional discounts are allowed, but must be occasional.
  2. An AHPP is defined as a Price Promotion that occurs less than 15% of the time the product is listed, over the course of a year. So in a year of 365 days, a retailer can list AHPPs for up to a maximum of 55 days. 
  3. AHPPs of less than 5% (where the discount is within 5% of the RRP) do not require application.
  4. AHPPs of more than 5% but up to 10% are permitted once a quarter (once every 3 months), or a total of 4 days a calendar year.
  5. AHPPs of more than 10% require application. Please contact info@2hraquarist.com


Non compliance will result in an Official Notice being issued.
After 2 Official Notices, we may choose to cease supply, and/or raise prices.