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Dealer Direct Program


Pricing and Discount Policy

We support all our dealers to promote APT and the 2Hr Way, without competing on price. Over time, dealers that provide better service, quality and marketing attract more customers. This policy is to ensure uniform pricing of APT products across different dealers.


Can I list a retail price that is higher price than the MAP ?

Yes. However, if consumers are consistently paying more than 20% of the MAP, please let us know the reason and thinking behind your pricing.

Can I show a discounted price on my sales platforms?

Yes, but the price after discount must not be below the MAP. If the discount is below the MAP, you must submit a Discount Declaration.

What about discounts for special occasions / festivals etc?

You can have discounts that are below the MAP for special occasions. But these must strictly be for special occasions. The total days where the discount is listed cannot exceed 30 days in a year. You must also submit a Discount Declaration.

I see a dealer selling below the MAP!

If another dealer is selling below the MAP, check the Declared Discounts listing below. Declared Discounts are allowed, so long as they do not exceed 30 days a year. If it is not declared, you can let us know. The dealer may face penalties. 

The pricing in your price catalogue is too low for me to make a good profit!

Please let us know and help us understand what is the reasonable retail pricing in your area. We regularly review our MAP after consultation with our dealers.

Why do you have more than 1 dealer in my area?

For the brand to grow, more outlets increase consumer confidence and awareness. In turn, this helps you because more customers will seek out APT.

How do I compete with other dealers that also carry APT?

There are many ways. For a start, we offer 3 suggestions:

Set up a show-tank using APT products. We will guide you, and even provide APT products for your show tanks for free. From experience, a good show tank makes a powerful impact. Dealers with the most professional show tanks are often the most convincing.

Provide products that attract customers to return to your shop. A good selection of plants and livestock for example. If you need advice on maintaining certain plants in your shop- we can share our experience. We may also be able to help in suggesting some sources / suppliers for plants or equipment.

Decide your speciality: do customers come to your store because of your specific service / honesty, or your range of products, or because of your knowledge? Do they choose you because of your location?



The Minimum Advertised Price for Bangladesh is as follows:


 Current Discount Declarations: